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Alexa is a13 year old singer, actress & dancer  who dreams of a thriving career in the entertainment business. Alexa started performing on stage at age 6 as Gretl in a regional theatre production of “The Sound of Music” and hasn’t stopped since.  Soon after she first debuted on stage, she started pursuing a career on Broadway.  Alexa booked her first Broadway Tour - The Sound Of Music at the age of 8.   The tour was an amazing experience as she traveled for 10 months and visited 26 cities and 19 states. 
Since she has been home from being on tour, she has continued audition for professional theatre, film and television.  Alexa has been very lucky that she lives in an area that has such a strong professional theatre presences.  She has  portrayed in a very short time period some amazing roles; Chip from Beauty & the Beast at the theatre that gave her first job - The Wick Theatre in Boca Raton. She then was given the challenge of leading her first professional show as Mary Lennox from Secret Garden in Ft Lauderdale at Slow Burn Theatre.  Alexa received many great reviews and the show was nominated for over 10 regional awards.  Soon after the show closed, she started working with the amazing Director Stuart Meltzer at Zoetic Theatre in Miami, FL in the beautiful musical - Fun Home.  Alexa portrayed Small Alison.   This show was pure joy as she worked with some of the best of South Florida.   This show also received many regional awards.   

When she didn’t think there would be any way of topping her recent rolls, she was offered the role of Annie in the Annie musical.  Not only was she able to portray the iconic roll of Annie, but she was able to share the stage with Emmy Award actress Sally Strutters & Broadway star George Divorski. .It was an experience of a life time.   

Summer 2019 Alexa had the pleasure of once again portraying Annie at NC Theatre in Raleigh, NC.  She was under the direction of Eric Woodall, Musical Director Edward Robinson and Choreographer James Gray.  Alexa shared the stage with Tony Award winner Karen Ziemba and Broadway star John Eric Parker.  It was an experience she will never forget. Recently Alexa worked at the Maltz Jupiter Theatre in the play Brighton Beach Memoirs portraying Laurie Morton.  The run of performances were sold out before the show even started.  This was Alexa's first time working at the Maltz Theatre and her first straight play.   


Alexa is always working on growing as a performer.  She is constantly training and pushing herself to grow as a dancer, singer and actress.  


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